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CDA is an established investigation agency with a proven 50 year history of performing surveillance. We utilize very sophisticated techniques to monitor the conduct of our subjects.

Please contact us and our professionals will work with you to gather the detailed information we need on your significant other. Surveillance will be initiated from a location and time of your choice. When necessary, we will obtain video evidence. Our work is completely confidential and will not be revealed to the subject under any circumstance. You will be verbally updated as to where they went, who they met and what they did while together. With your help we will identify who the other person is and obtain information about them through conducting a background investigation. Finally, a report and video will be sent directly to you at a secure address after completion of the entire case. Our detailed reports are unbiased and will suffice in court. If necessary, CDA will testify on your behalf

Asset Search is a search of records that are not readily available to the public to verify and locate hidden assets, such as real estate and other possessions.

Background Checks provide information pertaining to Property Ownership, Criminal History, Arrest Records, Bankruptcies, and Court Records, etc.


Child Custody cases must show "patterns" of inappropriate behavior. We will help you to build a case that will assist you in showing the courts why you deserve primary custody.

Criminal Investigations consist of any act of crime committed in the past. These records will show Criminal Arrest and Conviction Records, which include reported felonies, high misdemeanors and other specified misdemeanors.

Don't shoot and drive

Domestic Investigations provide assistance in Potential Partner Investigations, Deadbeat Dads, Child Custody and verifications required for Divorce to help document needed evidence regarding these issues.

Due Diligence refers to the investigation into the businesses legal and financial affairs of the company. What businesses have to do to avoid prosecution. This type of defense requires to have taken all reasonable steps and precautions and have exercised all Due Diligence to avoid committing the offense.

Electronic Countermeasures (Debugging) are any sort of electrical or electronic device designed to trick or deceive. We have the "State of the Art" equipment to help you in locating such devices.

Missing Heirs Search Let us help you in locating a Lost Heir, and trace Missing Beneficiaries named in Wills.


Surveillance Investigations (Cheating Mates) - Is your Mate Cheating? Capitol employs only experienced investigative professionals. They are seasoned investigators who are experts in covert surveillance. Surveillance Investigations can gather video and detailed evidence you may need to make informed decisions pertaining to your situation.

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Past President/Chairman of the Board.
Past President/Chairman of the Board

One of the 5 founders of NCISS
One of the 5 founders of NCISS

Member of the Assoc. for Intelligence Officers
Member of the Assoc. for Intelligence Officers

Arizona based, worldwide private investigators. Full service investigators conducting investigations throughout the world and the State of Arizona. Premier private investigators, background investigations, and specialists in difficult to obtain information. Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.